A full cityscape capturing the essence that is Seattle. Shot just before sunset the suns last rays lit the buildings alight whilst the freezing air of the winters night provided crystal clear conditions to shoot the city from Rockaway Beach on Bainbridge Island. 21,000 pixels wide.

Rock Away Seattle Blakely Grafitti

An old industrial site in Blakely Harbor on Bainbridge Island is now home to a gallery of Graffiti Art

Eagle Harbor

A view of Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, WA looking back towards the city of Seattle as a ferry arrives.

Click on any of the Panoramic images below to open the image in a new window. Use the on-screen viewing controls to Zoom in and Pan around the images.

You will be amazed at the detail within each image and the speed at which your browser views the image. Use the onscreen control panel to go into “Full Screen Mode” for maximum viewing.

The technology behind this is Microsoft Research’s HD View (read about it HERE) so you might see a message asking permission to load the necessary plug-in and restart the browser. It is well worth the 30 seconds this will take.

Now the caveat... This is a Microsoft product so will only work on a Windows machine... Sorry... Macs not allowed to play :-(

Olympic Mountain Range from Hurricane Ridge

This image is 88 inches by 9 inches ... Over 21,000 pixels wide! It comprises of 9 images stitched together.

This image is over 25,000 pixels wide! It comprises of 27 separate 21 megapixel images blended in High Dynamic Range before being stitched together in Photoshop

This image is over 45,000 pixels wide! It weighs in at over 750MB in its native file size and when the image is compressed into HDView it is still 180mb in size! (wait a while to see the full resolution possible when Zooming in)

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